Lokta Paper

Lokta paper making is an old Nepalese tradition. Not only have ancient Buddhist scriptures been found written on lokta paper, but to this day lokta paper is used by Nepalese government offices.

This shrub grows in the Himalayas at a height of 2.000 meters. Reason why the paper is also known as Himalaya paper. New bark grows on the shrubs where old bark has been removed. Lokta production therefore does not adversely effect the fragile ecology of the high Himalayan mountain slopes.



Lokta paper is known for its unique characteristics. Its long and extremely strong fibres are far more resilient than any machine made paper. The fibre structure makes this paper particularly suitable to print, colour or batik. Its natural insect-repellent properties combined with it durability make it a paper that retains its strength throughout the years

The production process of lokta paper is a centuries’ old and labour intensive one, the secrets of which have been passed down from one generation to the next. No chemicals are used in making this paper. Lokta paper imported by Olino Paperworks is produced by a company founded and run by women. Thanks to their successful paper making business, the social and economic circumstances of these women have improved considerably. 
Nepal – as landlocked country – does not have access to a seaport. Shipping costs of lokta paper are therefore higher than those of handmade paper from other countries.


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