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Handmade paper

Olino Paperworks is your one-stop shop for handmade paper. Since 1998, we are a leading wholesaler in special paper from Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan, Japan and India. Olino paper provides you with an eco-friendly keepsake of special moments. Our paper products are often used for weddings, parties, funerals or births. Artists too know the many creative benefits of our paper.

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Circular products at a fair price

We make sure that not even a single tree needs to be felled for our paper. Our paper is eco-friendly, acid free and biodegradable. We work in close collaboration with small producers. We always check if the working circumstances for employees are as they should be: a safe environment, with normal working hours and access to social services and fitting pay. We don’t accept child labour. We are glad to pay a fair price for quality products.


Traditional craft

All our paper is made by hand. This centuries’ old craft has been handed down from one generation to the next. Thanks to our business, the traditional producers can employ women who have little or no education and help them to earn and learn the skills of paper making. Whole communities benefit in this way.

“The skills and creativity of the small producers with which we work is amazing. Every time I visit, I keep on being surprised at how inventive they are. It is really energizing to work together towards creating new and surprising products based on all those centuries’ worth of paper making skills.”

- Wilma Korfage