Bhutan paper

Paper making is an important part of the culture and traditions of Bhutan. Such paper used to be made by families at home. Nowadays, a small factory produces the traditional handmade paper in keeping with the old paper-making traditions.

The most important basic material for the paper is the bark of Daphne Payri tree and Edgeworthia shrubs. Both grow at great heights in the Himalayan mountains.


The bark is soaked, boiled and rinsed in water. The fibres are sorted according to colour and thickness. They are then reduced to pulp and mixed with water and Hibiscus root. This is a natural gluing agent. The pulp is spread out thinly on a screen made from wood or bamboo. Once the water has been pressed out, the paper is ready for drying.

This type of paper is extremely strong and suitable for multiple purposes. Only natural colouring agents are use, which makes this paper eco-friendly.