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Olino Paperworks
Achterstraat 4, 5614 HT Eindhoven, the Netherlands
COC: 62979914 | VAT: NL855038494B01


Frequently Asked Questions

Do the colours fade?
This depends on the type of pigment used. Plant-based pigments tend to fade easier in sunlight than synthetic pigments. Generally speaking, it is better no to let paper be exposed to direct sunlight.

Can you write on your handmade paper?
Yes, you can write on all our papers, with a biro, gel pan or a fountain pen: anything goes! And the ink won’t blot. We do recommend not using a too sharp point.

Are children involved in het production of Olino paper?
No! Absolutely no children are involved in making our paper or products. Most of our products are made by hand by women.

Where can I buy Olino paper?
We sell our paper and products through selected partners. Mail us your address and what it is you are looking for and we’ll send you the contact details of a reseller near you.

Do you charge shipping costs?
Shipping costs depend on the volume of your order and the country to which the order must be shipped.

What about returns?
Returns are only possible after consultation with Olino.