Lokta paper (Nepal)

Eco-friendly Lokta paper is made in Nepal from the bark of Daphne shrub. This shrub grows at a considerable height of up to 2000 meters in the Himalayan mountains. For this reason, it is also known as Himalayan paper. Because the bark regenerates after being harvested, it is an eco-friendly resource.

The production of Lokta paper goes back many centuries. Some of the oldest Buddhist manuscripts were written on this paper. And to this day, Lokta paper is used by the Nepalese government.


Lokta paper is still made as it was centuries ago: by hand and without the use of modern chemicals. The exceptionally long and extremely strong fibres of the bark make this paper far stronger than machine produced equivalents. Another benefit is that it is particularly suited for paint or batik. It has natural insect-repelling properties and retains its natural strength, even after many years. This paper has a characteristic shine, thanks to its long fibres.

Olino sources Lokta paper from a small-scale company that employs mainly women. Thanks to this company, the lives and living conditions of these women and their families have improved considerably.

Because Nepal is a land-locked country, shipping costs are relatively high.